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We are the experts in Medicare Bad Debt Reimbursement providing “Full Reconciliation” of hospital deductible and coinsurance along with the fully-tested listings. We also provide concierge-level audit support through the NPR.








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The CDI Advantage

Agency Pullback Expertise

Agency Pullback Expertise

Extensive expertise developing and implementing policies to return all accounts from final agency. Our policy and data efforts have helped hospitals return and realize millions in MBD reimbursement.

Comprehensive Reconciliation

Comprehensive Reconciliation

Detailed reconciliation of all accounts NOT eligible for MBD reimbursement. Quantification of lost MBD reimbursement and guidance on how to potentially realize that lost MBD in current and future periods.

Proven Accuracy

Proven Accuracy

Over 94% allowance rate at audit, with more than half a billion dollars submitted for additional MBD reimbursement.

Who We Are

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Specialized Expertise in MBD Reimbursement

At CDI, we pride ourselves on doing one thing better than anyone else: Medicare Bad Debt (MBD) reimbursement. Our unique edge comes from our in-house proprietary MBD system, crafted to handle your critical settlement items with precision. Coupled with detailed analysis and interpretation of IPPS rulings, we are able to maximize your reimbursement, all while adhering to the nuanced regulations of MBD.

Proprietary Systems and PFS Trained Team

Our services are delivered through a robust in-house proprietary MBD system and a team of Patient Financial Service (PFS) trained professionals, who bring specialized knowledge to two core project types. The first is current year filing, where we manage the annual listings with unparalleled accuracy. The second, a retrospective look back, enables us to scrutinize prior year filed listings to find additional reimbursement opportunities.

Laser Focus Provides Maximum Results

We are distinguished by our dedication to MBD reimbursement, our cutting-edge proprietary system, and our team of PFS trained professionals who masterfully navigate its complexities. Our meticulous attention to detail, specialized expertise, and steadfast commitment to our clients' success make us the preferred partner for hospitals aiming to optimize their MBD processes.

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How We Work

The MBD Model

The MBD Model

Our proprietary SQLServer-based model has been developed and continuously improved over the past 15 years and has been real-world tested on over 440 hospitals across 2000 cost reporting years.

Streamlined Data Request

Streamlined Data Request

We have a scaled down data request that asks for only minimally-necessary fields. We can complete our engagement with as few as 25 raw data fields. All calculations are done on our end.

Secure Processing

Secure Processing

In-process data never leaves the CDI network. All work takes place in a secured virtual environment, located at the CDI data center. Final listings are protected in-transit using our CMS-approved encryption application.

Output Testing

Output Testing

Our PFS trained and experienced analysts perform significant testing of individual accounts to ensure that the output from our MBD model will withstand the scrutiny of Medicare audit testing.

Ultra-Fast Delivery

Ultra-Fast Delivery

Our automated MBD model produces accurate results for up to 80% of the data. Our experienced analysts then fine tune and test the remaining data, achieving an average 94% allowance rate at audit, in as little as 8 weeks.

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